Tuesday, September 25, 2012

i'll have what he's having: j brand

pants: they're an essential part of any dude's wardrobe but can be nearly impossible to find in a great fit.  in an effort to discover the perfect pants for men i scoured the web for hours.  and suddenly a consistent appeared.  all these pictures of all these male celebrities of all different ages and sizes...and all of them were wearing j brand!  the perfect pair of jeans: j brand's boone.  and to my surprise, the perfect pair of casual pants were a cargo: j brand's trooper.  

what's the catch?  j brand's pants might be perfect, but they're a little pricey.  they'll run you $165 to around $230.  so how much is too much for the perfect pair of pants?  that's entirely up to you and how perfect you want your pants to look.

1.  j brand trooper cargo pant in vintage caffeine, $231
2.  j brand kane slim straight leg jean in boone, $165
3.  j brand kane slim straight leg jean in raw, $174
4.  j brand kane aged twill slim straight leg jean in caffeine, $150

what's your take on j brand's pants and jeans?

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