Thursday, September 13, 2012

hermes spring/summer 2013

hermes' spring/summer 2013 should be the most celebrated spring/summer collection for men.  it focused on the primary colors, all center stage to their more safe compliments: grey, white, and navy.  it is the epitome of how the classic man of 2013 must define himself.  with fluid knits, tailored brights, classic coverups, and perfect pants.  all anchored by a clean sneaker or loafer.  hermes for men has never looked so good.

want to look like an hermes man?  check out these affordable look-a-likes below!

1.  mossimo target mens' suit jacket ,$34.98
2. mossimo target mens' pants, $29.06
3.  j.d. fisk vincent oxfords, $76.99
4.  oudeur askew knit, $127.63

what do you think of hermes' spring/summer 2012 collection?

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