Thursday, August 30, 2012

how much wood would a wood chuck chuck?

ed mag's "woodcutter" on lookbook today:  is it lumberjack chic? bunyon fun-ion?  plaid rad?  regardless, i dig it.  it's colorful, it's lighthearted, and it doesn't involve skinny jeans (see dude friends...i hear you loud and clear).

what's so special about this look?  he turns a basic plaid shirt into a cool layering piece by pairing it with a lower cut t, trendy cuffed chinos, laid back sunglasses and some brightly accessories sneaks.  it's easy umkayyy!     

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Monday, August 20, 2012

dude's a stud: ryan gossling

there's a reason why chicks all around the world are sweet on ryan gossling: dude's a stud.  he's got the tough guy/guy next door/bring me home to mom/well wearer of pants and accessories-ness that makes the ladies go gaga.  take a lesson from ryan: pick up some cool eyewear, show off just a little bit of man cleave, score some pants that fit and do the ryan.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

well dressed dude: daemaine hines

who: daemaine hines 
 what: photographer 
 where: savannah, georgia 
 why: the perfect combination of personality, perfect fit, swagger and style all rolled into one super cool package.

all images from lookbook

Monday, August 13, 2012

boy brand: chaser la

miles davis t shirt, $20

if your definition of graphic t includes dragons, embroidery, asian symbols, or one letter words like "strength" and "loyalty" i have news for you... your graphic t went out of style 5 years ago.  the new graphic tee is understated, comfortable, and cool.  one of my favorite brands for men's t shirts is chaser la.  also a celebrity favorite, the brand creates rock & roll inspired luxuriously soft shirts that will never go out of style.  and it gets better...chaser la's shirts normally retail for $32-45, but all the t's featured here are on sale.  the chase is on!

stax t shirt, $24
national geographic t shirt, $25 
football t shirt, $20
independence t shirt, $19

what do you think of chaser la's graphic t's?

Monday, August 6, 2012

flow & co.

flow & co. is a nj based lifestyle brand that produces high quality corduroy embroidered snapback hats.  designed fully in house, flow & co.'s goal is to make rad headwear with a sense of humor.  the hats retail for a cool $22-30 and can be purchased here!

hat: flow & co. available here
watch: gshock, similar here
pants: j.crew, similar here
tank: hurley, similar here and here
sneakers: banana republic
longboard: similar here

hat: flow & co. available here
tank: hurley, similar here
pants: j.crew, similar here
watch: gshock, similar here
sneakers: vans, similar here

the boys at flow & co. are currently focused on hats and sunglasses, but future endeavors could include tank tops, shirts and even posters.  special thanks to flow & co. for sending us the hats and to the handsome swaggy josh for modeling them.  want more flow & co.?  you can follow them here on twitter and here on facebook!

did we mention...we're also on twitter.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

got wood?

only time will tell.

wewood jupiter watch, $119
wewood date watch, $119
wewood date watch, $119
fossil nate faux wood watch, $145
nixon the chronicle watch in dark
wood, $350
wewood jupiter watch, $119
wewood date watch, $119
wewood date watch, $119.99
wewood odyssey watch, $119.99