Tuesday, September 25, 2012

i'll have what he's having: j brand

pants: they're an essential part of any dude's wardrobe but can be nearly impossible to find in a great fit.  in an effort to discover the perfect pants for men i scoured the web for hours.  and suddenly a consistent appeared.  all these pictures of all these male celebrities of all different ages and sizes...and all of them were wearing j brand!  the perfect pair of jeans: j brand's boone.  and to my surprise, the perfect pair of casual pants were a cargo: j brand's trooper.  

what's the catch?  j brand's pants might be perfect, but they're a little pricey.  they'll run you $165 to around $230.  so how much is too much for the perfect pair of pants?  that's entirely up to you and how perfect you want your pants to look.

1.  j brand trooper cargo pant in vintage caffeine, $231
2.  j brand kane slim straight leg jean in boone, $165
3.  j brand kane slim straight leg jean in raw, $174
4.  j brand kane aged twill slim straight leg jean in caffeine, $150

what's your take on j brand's pants and jeans?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

the zara man

who is the zara man?  he is dapper.  he is cool, calm and collected.  he pays attention to the small details in dressing.  he is smooth but rugged.  he is...the man.  and for less than $300 you can dress just like him.

so what makes this look special?  it's pairing a modern round neck t-shirt with a pair of green hued structured jeans, refined by a classic menswear vest and toned down by a pair of rugged boots in an unexpected color. 

be the zara man.  chicks dig him, i promise.  

Thursday, September 13, 2012

hermes spring/summer 2013

hermes' spring/summer 2013 should be the most celebrated spring/summer collection for men.  it focused on the primary colors, all center stage to their more safe compliments: grey, white, and navy.  it is the epitome of how the classic man of 2013 must define himself.  with fluid knits, tailored brights, classic coverups, and perfect pants.  all anchored by a clean sneaker or loafer.  hermes for men has never looked so good.

want to look like an hermes man?  check out these affordable look-a-likes below!

1.  mossimo target mens' suit jacket ,$34.98
2. mossimo target mens' pants, $29.06
3.  j.d. fisk vincent oxfords, $76.99
4.  oudeur askew knit, $127.63

what do you think of hermes' spring/summer 2012 collection?

images edited from originals on fashionising.com

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

well dressed dude: luigi tadini

who: luigi tadini
what: market director at paper magazine
where: brooklyn, ny
why: master accessorizer, cuff connoisseur, layering lord
how: want to dress like luigi?  sport a cool jacket, classic sunglasses, a v neck sweater with unique detail, a collared shirt in a simple print, and some tailored straight leg jeans.  worn in the right combination you'll look smooth, sexy and sophisticated.  just like mr. tadini.

1. j crew gingham check shirt, $80
2. river island arthur leather bomber jacket, $155.21
3. vince tweeded v neck sweater, $190.50
4. j brand kane jeans in red, $196
5. frye james lace up boot, $238
6. ray ban original wayfarer sunglasses, $160
images from getty, jak & jill, thelocals.dk, racked, tumblr